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We were contacted by an engineer regarding a client who had purchased an old factory and wanted to add Heidelberg printing machines onto the existing factory floor. However, the floor could not take the weight of the machines.

piling problem

The Engineer suggested that piling needed to be done to support the required load.

We installed piles in accordance to the engineers' pile layout plans and the loads that he required for these machines to be stable and secure.

The piles were driven until refusal and spiral cages were inserted which were tied into the new slabs re-enforcing. These piles were cast with 25mpa concrete.


homepile africa case study 2

A new floor slab was cast on top of our piles and the machines were then installed on these floor slabs.

These machines operate on a day to day basis and are very sensitive to movement. Till date they have not moved or shifted and are still structurally sound. 


homepile africa case study 3


Open trench piling in progress


Open trench piling finished and ready for concrete


Piles carrying load thats placed on top
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