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What We Do

Homepile Africa's system is a smaller version of the huge augured concrete pile that is more commonly used on large construction sites.
The difference is that the equipment used by Homepile Africa can be carried into a building through the door, or onto hard to reach sites with ease, and the entire job can be done quickly and easily.
Piles placed in new already dug foundation trenches makes Homepile Africa's system extremely versatile.

Homepile Africa's system has been extensively and successfully used over the last 39 years in soil conditions such as turf, clay, collapsible soil, dolomite and sea sand, as well as in water e.g. on jetties etc.

It has proven itself to be incredibly versatile and can be used in virtually any conditions, eliminating the need for large rigs and extensive platform preparations as well as massive transportation costs.



The process involves the use of pneumatic and hydraulic equipment to drive steel sleeves to refusal by means of displacing the soil. 


The steel sleeve is then reinforced with concrete to take loads of 20 tons, tested and guaranteed. This piling system has proved to be an immense success over the past 30 years, both locally and internationally.


Even with the incredible versatility of the Homepile Africa system, the company is not limited to small household contracts 

Clustering piles together to take the loads required for multi-storey buildings is a common practice for 

Homepile Africa, and is fast becoming a trusted and reliable method of stabilising large structures.

In fact, Homepile Africa is often called in after traditional piling methods fail.


Homepile Africa prides itself on its outstanding service delivery record and its flexibility to suit the client’s needs.

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